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22 April 2016 @ 04:43 pm
I wrote a birthday hpgw100 drabble for Vicky Starfish, you can find it here: http://lisiloulah.livejournal.com/10868.html

Apolgies for the brief and untagged post, but I'm posting from wotk via my phone! I will log in later from home and tag it!
21 March 2016 @ 08:02 pm

Title: Comparisons (prompt: Castle)

Words: 100

A/N:  This prompt is from May, 2012


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23 September 2015 @ 01:42 am
Title: Weathering the Storm
Rated: G
Prompt: Weather
A/N: I was cleaning out my writing folder, found this, polished it up.

Hurricanes that start with 'M'Collapse )


Title: Out With The Old! (prompt: Fresh Start, Butterbeer, School, Responsibility)

Words: 100

A/N:  These prompts are from, respectively, March, 2015, September 2014, August 2014, and December 2012.


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15 June 2015 @ 09:30 pm

Title: Thud! (prompt: Flying Carpet)

Words: 100

A/N:  This prompt is from March of 2012.  I’m a little late.


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22 April 2015 @ 07:19 am

Prompt: none, but its a birthday pressie for my sister VickyStarfish!
Words: 100 (I think, I had to count manually because I'm using my phone to type while on a train!)

The day Ginny was dreading had started with breakfast in bed. Harry wasn't a great cook, but he could manage a very good fry up. The idea of going to work hadn't appealed, but the girls in the office had decorated her desk and bought in party food. Overall the day had been easy and unstressful. Dinner with her family had been loud and chaotic, just the way she liked it, and with her favourite chocolate cake for dessert. As she snuggled up in bed next to her husband she decided it hadn't been a bad 30th birthday at all!

29 March 2015 @ 05:06 pm
I know things have been quiet around here lately but I had an idea for a prompt: Fresh Start

It's partly in honour of the fact I started a new job in November - things have finally settled down so now I have time to write again!

Lisa xxx
13 November 2014 @ 07:10 pm
Hi!  Two for you this evening.  No excuses for the delay, just love.  Enjoy! VickyStarfish xxx

Words: 100

It wasn’t that the summer had been horrific.  Uncle Vernon was working long hours, Aunt Petunia was adamantly ignoring him as she carried out her chores and Dudley was only ever seen going into or leaving the house.

Harry’s letters were his lifeline.  They had given him news, made him smile and reminded him that there was something to look forward to.  But Harry still couldn’t shake the enormous feeling of relief that flooded him or the happy sigh that escaped his lips as he lay eyes on the castle once more.

Boy did it feel good to be back!!

Words: 100

The slightly sweet flavour was unforgettable; the smooth finish distinctive and the combination incredibly enjoyable.  But boy, did that Butterbeer kick your backside after eight of them!

Ginny shuddered once more as she recalled the hangover she’d had from their last night out.  The chance of a babysitter had been impossible to refuse and Percy had needed a shoulder to cry into.

However, the smell this evening had nearly caused her to vomit when Harry offered her a bottle.

Now, as she stared at the pregnancy test in her hand, it was understandable.  Ginny vowed never to drink them again!
26 October 2014 @ 09:25 pm
Prompt: Butterbeer
Words: 100

Harry wasn't sure if nostalgia was the right word, but there was something special about drinking butterbeer. That sweet buttery taste and the warmth in the lack of his throat from the hint alcohol was one of his favourites after a long hard week at work. The burn of Firewhiskey just couldn't compare to it. The only thing better than Butterbeer was the taste of Ginny's kisses after she'd had a bottle or two. His two favourite flavours in the world combined tasted like heaven - which itself was almost as good as Butterbeer body shots of his wife's athletic form.

Author's Note:

Again a different ending than what I originally imagined! Enjoy!

26 October 2014 @ 08:47 pm
Prompt: School
Words: 100

When Harry thought back to his time at school he was very aware of Ginny, in a way that he hadn't been at the time. She had always been there in the background, and not just as Ron's sister or Hermione's friend. Hindsight showed the influence she had had on him back then, and continued to have now they were adults. Her calming voice soothing his nightmares, her practical nature as they faced life's challenges together, and even her smile after a hard day at work. He didn't need a school lesson to know that he should propose to Ginny!

Author's Note:

Glad to be back, drabbling! I have missed it, even if RL has been a bit busy lately! This didn't go the way I thought it would, but I'm happy with the result.